Thursday, 7 June 2012

Medicine Management for Patient Group Directions

Medicines management refers to the way that medicines are selected, procured, delivered, prescribed, administered and reviewed to optimise the contribution that medicines make to producing informed and desired outcomes of patient care. In relation to PGDs this means the management of the entire process of how a PGD is developed and implemented. At PatientGroupDirection we make sure before a PGD is created that there is a need for it in community pharmacy for access to that medicine then we look at the feasibility of its implementation. Factors we look at are safety, the cost of the drug and the end user cost. Safety is weighted as the most important factor in this followed by profitability.

Pharmacists are excellent medicine managers so we do not interfere with procurement, however, we do take note of national shortages of medicines such as the Orlistat outage in 2012. In response to this and at the request of our pharmacists we have post poned the renewal dates on many of our Olistat PGDs. These subscriptions will recommence once the shortage of orlistat has been overcomed.

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