Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pharmacy Travel Clinic

Why is a pharmacy travel clinic so special?

Lots of professions have been encroaching on the Unique Selling Point of pharmacy for quite some time. This may be your local petrol station selling ibuprofen (without asking about asthma or stomach complaints) or doctors dispensing their own prescribed medicines (some would say a conflict of interest).

So how has pharmacy encroached on other professions? Have we started selling petrol from our pharmacies? Or have we started supplying Prescription Only Medicines? There are more obvious areas for expansion then others one major area is the second statement supplying POMs. There are other areas which take advantage of our main USP as pharmacist:

We are the most accessible medical professionals - on every high street.

Noone can take this away from us, but how can we capitalize on this? Just think what do people in this day and age really want... Easy access, convenience and fast service. Lets break down some barriers and give this service to them, instead of letting the patient wait 3 weeks for a doctors travel service why not allow them to talk to a suitably trained pharmacist and access a pharmacy travel clinic asap?

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