Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Removal of Trimethoprim from PharmacyPGD

PharmacyPGD run by Red Box Healthcare have now officially removed their trimethoprim PGD from their pharmacy pgd offerings. This is in direct response to the DOH investigation of the NPA and the subsequent removal of their antibiotic PGDs. The exact quote is as follows:

"The Cystitis PGD has been suspended 05/01/2013 to new users as a precautionary measure in response to concerns about Pharmacists supplying antibiotics without prescription. Pharmacists who already have rights to use this PGD may continue to do so until their current rights expire. We will keep the situation under review. If the cystitis PGD becomes available again to new users or for renewal we will inform member Pharmacists by email."

Patientgroupdirection.com, PharmaDoct.co.uk and the National Patient Group Direction Association welcome this decision and believe all private PGD suppliers should follow suit. 

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