Friday, 19 July 2013

MASTA Pharmacy Travel Clinic

We have been contacted a lot recently about the new MASTA travel clinic sales team targeting community pharmacies to purchase their pharmacy travel clinic solution. We have drilled down into MASTA travel clinic costs and found its pretty expensive....
  • £100 online training fee 
  • £555 live training fee incl YF £18 per referred traveller ( MASTA take a further 320 consultation fee from the traveller) 
  • £35 per month for the PGDs =£420 
  • £11 per medical helpline consultation 
  • Also you cannot benefit from the Sanofi discount scheme as you have to buy from MASTA wholesale
In practice, based on their minimum prediction: 

If you do a minimum of 4 travellers per week, over the year this is = 4 x £18 x 52 = £3744 

So with the initial costs involved in set up the Total cost of MASTA solution in year one is

£3744 + £100 + £555 + £420 = £4819 
+ extra expense of buying vaccines through MASTA 
+ expensive clinical support.

So pretty dear overall. Our solution for independent pharmacist run travel clinics costs, £2,000:
  • You are completely independent but we help you with all of your marketing and online SEO
  • You can buy from any supplier, we have negotiated discounts for you
  • There are no hidden extra costs for consultations or clinical support

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